Basic Cursor Tutorial

Loved the concept but…for the love of baby Jesus, why is there not even 1 basic Cursor Tutorial video for people that don’t know how to code but use ChatGPT to try and code small projects? The fact that it says it says you can chat with the codebase is the entire point of it and saves so much time. But it doesn’t do that, it only reads MAYBE some parts that MIGHT apply so there’s never enough context which is the same freaking problem with GPT4 and it forgets everything fast. I don’t understand. You’d have so many more customers if it was possible to read the entire code base, ask chat to solve a problem and it automatically replaces the code blocks with the ‘new or corrected’ code from chat, test’s it, if works, great, if it doesn’t…try’s something else. All this guessing and copy/pasting is worse that just using GPT4 it seems. CREATE A TUTORIAL! PLEASE. Ty!

I don’t work for Cursor, but I think you’ve just basically described the nature of the product journey that they’re on, as well as the broader community working on LLM-powered agents. This is all still quite new, they’re a startup, and there’s lots of work to be done.

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And yes, they really need to work on docs.

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Definitely need to do more work here in the future. Have a short description of some of our features here too: Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor

Shouldn’t Cursor be able to write the Cursor docs for you guys? :wink: ( Humans should focus on bigger problems.)