Bug: search starts answering, then response is completely erased

I’ve had this problem lately where an answer is completed, then I ask a follow up question, then I see reasoning grey italics text, then some white queries, then my list of files, then the response starts to be printed out, then it just completely all disappears, leaving me with my original question in the box, and thats it. Then, the box ABOVE my text box has a blue “continue” button. If I press it, my entire query is deleted, and it puts in the default continuation text, and so then the assistant “finishes” the answer above even though it was already done. Often, it’ll give me another continue button. If I keep pressing the continue buttons until they’re done, sometimes I’ll be able to get back to being able to ask a new question, but sometimes not, it’ll just continue that way. A restart always fixes it.
I’ve had this problem only since the most recent update on my main computer. I installed cursor as a new installation today on my laptop and I’m having the same problem. Desktop is linux, laptop is windows

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I have the same issue bro.

I hope the team can fix this soon.

Just out of curiosity, does this issue happen always at the second time you send a prompt or it doesn’t matter?

For me it has been breaking the train of thought always at the second time I prompt it with a folder as context. I though this was due to the fact that I has capped my fast requests, so I got 500 more but it didn’t solve the issue :sweat_smile:

I think it might only happen with control + enter? Also just noticed that just doing a regular search without control may stop the problem, and allow a control + enter on the next prompt? Not sure

I think I am getting this issue as well.
I often have to press “global code search” to get an answer, or start a new chat. Maybe it’s running out of tokens/context or something?

We have a hunch of what was going wrong here and just a change to address, but please let us know if you see this again! Reproduction steps are also super helpful :slight_smile: