Claude 3.5 Sonnet - The connection failed


I’ve been getting this error every time I try to apply code edit suggestions from the chat.

The connection failed…

Please check your internet connection or use a VPN and try again. If this persists, please email

I’d love to use this highly efficient feature, but I can’t get it working with Sonnet for some reason. I used to have the same issue with Opus. I have tried altering my DNS, and I have changed my IP via a VPN. I have no issue using Claude services via the site. It works properly there.

Any ideas?

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I’m experiencing the same issue. The response time is slow, or I get a message saying the connection failed.

Apologies about this! We are aware and are investigating.

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Fix applied. Do you still see problems on your end?

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Another issue arises. Despite choosing Claude 3.5 Sonnet, an OpenAI API Key error occurs, and the response speed is still delayed or non-responsive.

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I am getting an error when I try any claude models. “Problem reaching OpenAi”

Are you signed in via pro or with your api key?

Hey, I am having similar issues. A conversation with claude-sonnet-3.5 works well for 10-15 replies. Then new replies start failing with this error. I’m using cursor pro. The fix for me is to open a new conversation. But I would love to have longer conversations, I had some long conversations this weekend with CS-3.5 and that was a great experience as it was able to use the rich conversation context super well.

A different problem for me, - it stopped working, every time a model is called Claude, even if its through third-party API, it reports that no correct API key, all other models work.

Hello! This is happening for me too, I’m using my own Anthropic API Key.
The chat works fine, but when I try to apply it to the code, i get a “connection failed…”.

Looking into this!

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Also getting the same “Problem reaching OpenAI” w/ 3.5 sonnet…

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This issue is still occurring.