Copilot++ preview not working as expected

When I see a copilot++ suggestion, my expectation is that pressing and holding the alt (option) key will preview the correct? When I release it should go away? Instead, it just accepts the corrections, just as if I had hit the tab key.

I love the feature, but would like the ability to preview before accepting

Holding alt is no longer supported for Copilot++, and will be removed completely in the next update.

Does pressing tab and then cmd-Z if it wasn’t what you intended work for you? If not, would be super useful to see examples of what kinds of changes you preferred the old hold-option UX for.

Some changes were made to Copilot++. You should already see the suggested change next to your code, so you don’t have to hit a key to preview it anymore.


The problem is that sometimes the preview is half of my screen, this seems to happen more when I am in a split column view.

It is much easier to see when the preview is right next to the code, as in your screenshot. That is easier for me to compare the suggestion to the existing code and determine if I want to accept it.

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Same here, with long lines the preview is often pushed off the screen.

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