Ctrl+c not working - AI features also not working

I imported my vs code keyboard short cuts and now ctrl+c does not work.

ctrl+v, ctrl+a, ctrl+x all work – just ctrl+c isn’t. I can ctrl+insert to copy, but that is a pain.

I’ve seen some other threads mentioning extensions that interfer with basic ctrl+ commands. However I’ve disabled all of my extensions, and still have the issue. Opening up the Keyboard shortcuts shows Copy as ctrl+c so not sure what is causing the error.

I uninstalled cursor and reinstalled in hopes of getting it back to factory default, but the issue persists.

How would I go about resetting cursor to the default settings?


oh yes. this bug is high on our list. its something weird. it will go away if you reload.

you do not need to reinstall, or reset settings. we will fix the ctrl+c problem soon.

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I’ve reloaded the ide many times. Issue persists.

Also, I’ve noticed the Ai features are no longer working as expected after importing my VS code settings. At this point Cursor is now operating as VS code, sans AI, and lacking ctrl+c - might as well just use VS Code…

How would I go about reseting Cursor to the factory default? I’d like to get back to using cursor with the AI features, and just bring in my key bindings manually.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Are there some cached files I need to delete from my system.

Hello any update on this? ctrl+c is a very basic feature/functionality for an IDE to be missing

Hi, this isn’t just a windows problem (assuming ctrl+c), I am also having issues where regularly all keyboard shortcuts just stop working, certain keys (such as #) will get captured and not entered into the IDE… Today it is SAVE!

I type this as my IDE forces me not to be able to continue working :frowning: any ideas @sualeh @truell20 ?

hello how are you doing do you have google chat if you have it add me on this sweetangel76j@gmail.com