Cursor not responding. Neither chat or auto complete

I was recently getting a Connection Error for days but that started working last night. Today, Cursor is not connecting to LLM’s and it is not giving me an error and the auto-complete is not working as well.
I previously downloaded the latest Cursor and restarted my mac.
I get a response of “Used … No context” as seen in the attached screen capture.
Help to resolve this would be appreciated.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 11.36.47 AM

Here is the error code from the previous issue. I mistakenly made a post in General yesterday.

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I reindexed the codebase.
I tried different LLMs and each of the three submit buttons.
No changes in the behavior.

I logged out and logged back in.
No change in the behavior.

If it helps, when I try to use the “with codebase” submit button Cursor does nothing. Meaning it does not index any files. Regardless of which submit button I click, nothing changes in the chat window. It does not refresh or appear to be executing a new query.

In case someone has worked on this I now have the chat responding as expected however the Copilot++ is not.
I disabled it both Globally and for the language I am using and enabled them but no code suggestions are appearing.
Is there another setting to do with auto-suggestion?

Unfortunately, the chat worked for a few queries but is now hung up again.

I have it set for gpt4 but the wait is at five minutes now so not likely a crowded usage issue.
Copilot++ is still not working.

Same here, it seems to hang on some query.

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Trying to reproduce on my end right now.

Do you have any reproduction steps? These will be very helpful for locating the issue and fixing it.

It has happened three times during normal interactions. No changes to settings or the like between queries. The first time it lasted about a week but was not an issue since I was on vacation. That time it would return a Connection Error.
It started working last night and then hung up this morning without the connection error. It starts the process but stops after it displays the ‘used _type_of_submit’ message and hangs there.
The submit buttons come back online but using different ones do not change the output message.

I can share my screen if a tech wants to help me troubleshoot it.
I wish I had something more to go on.

I restarted Cursor and although it us still hung up the message changed to ‘used No context’.
So the details of the query are gone but the memory of a query is still there while not ending the query.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 1.47.53 PM

To be clear, I did not screen capture the previous message that read ‘USED with codebase’ because that was the submit button I used before the last hang up.

I deleted a chat via the clock icon on the top right of the chat window and tried to use a chat from the past to make a query, it failed to complete.
I then closed the chat window and reopened a new one and it worked.
I will pay attention to my steps in case it happens again.

When it hang, have you try cancelling the request and resubmit? For me it works. I don’t know if it’s some connectivity issue on my side. @truell20 Do there is hostname or ip we can ping to see if there is packet loss?

Also tried with cloudflare warp but I think it’s blocked on Cursor side, maybe they should consider whitelisting their IP.

Unfortunately, I do not have the ‘Cancel’ button available to me when mine hangs up.

I have done about ten queries and all seems well with chat, auto-suggestions, and terminal.
Fingers crossed

I’m still getting random timeout:

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same here. Exactly same problem. no error messages. AI chat hangs from beginning or in the middle. It occurred intermittently. However, when running again on the same questions, it worked again. So not sure how to reproduce it.

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