Cursor paid but doesn't be actived

please staff from cursor to help this issue, i paid, but not active usage, i send email to a guy from cursor, he told me the account is active, but actually not, and no response so far when i send picture to him,

It looks like your subscription is active. Are you logged into the correct Cursor account in the Cursor app?

You can try logging out and logging back in again here:

please help that which account is under Cursor app for successful subscription,

my account is not active, please check the following pictures

could you please return the payment, then let me try again, let me shut down VPN to try whether is ok?

What makes you think that your account isn’t active? I think you forgot to add the pictures.

Yea, will refund.

thanks, Jakob, just now, my account is working, thank you very much, need not to refund, cursor is good tool!

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hi Jakob,

i dont know why, the subscription gives only 50 GPT4, i don’t know what is the problem from Cursor, please check the picture, please refund the payment, let me try to repay the subscription,

When i paid on Nov. 17, i received this email, the payment is succeed, but the email says the payment maybe some problem

The “Manage” button is this one. Do you see anything helpful there? Will refund.


thanks, Jakob, it seems that i have the return, sorry that i tried another computer these days, GPT4 is available! I thought the reason shpuld be the payment bind with my computer ID, but not my email ID(if this reason, please help me how to resolve). i would repay as soon as possible because i am in using Cursor, thanks for your help