Extreme Lag starting with AI then onto the whole IDE

My cursor ide has been extremely slow for a few days now. I just updated to 0.34 hoping it would fix things to no avail.

It started with my AI Chat being really slow then eventually unusable. The AI will start a message and get stuck on the code and will stay stuck for a few minutes until it terminates.

Since then, my ide as a whole has been slow. I can’t create new folders or files without extreme lag.

I recently paid for the pro version as well but that changed nothing. I am just losing gpt4 queries trying to triage the issue.

Any similar experiences or ideas? Thanks!

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Hey Mark,

Could you send an email to hi@anysphere.co (or navid@anysphere.co)

I can get on a call and try to fix this issue with you.

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Just sent an email!

Thanks for the prompt response!

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