Facing problem in pro account

I recently upgraded to the Pro subscription. I haven’t even used all fast gpt-4 yet. Around ten minutes ago, during a query, I faced a “connection failed” message, and when i check my cursor account i can see that it no longer reflects my Pro status, suggesting I need to upgrade again.


Edit: The connection is back, and my Cursor account correctly shows my Pro status. The problem lasted for approximately 15 minutes.

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I experienced the same issue with my free account. Cursor is functioning again now for me as well.

Do you still see this issue? We’re performing a migration to kill this spotty connection problem.

The issue has been resolved now. I’ve encountered similar ‘connection failed’ issues a few times before, but this was the most prolonged one, and it also impacted my Pro status. Previously, a few “try again” attempts would usually fix it.