Go to declaration not working - again (ipynb)

@truell20 Hi, please fix this issue.
Go to declaration is not working in .ipynb files, it seems to be related to language server.
I am not sure if cursor is purely using its own version of open source pylance (Cursor Pyright) or not. Go to declaration works fine in .py but not in .ipynb

The issue is explained well in the [Bug]: Ctrl+Click / Code Jump / Go To Definition Does Not Work Properly in Python/Jupyter Notebooks · Issue #6619 · coder/code-server · GitHub the recommended solution is installing Pyright directly instead of pylance. But seeing the Cursor is using Cursor Pyright it might be an easy fix on your end.
Also question, - should you have Pyright or pylance extensions install or do you recommend only having Cursor Pyright and language server set to default?

  • Please update me on the issue