Have "Add to Chat" default to adding to a new/blank chat input at the bottom

Problematic Behavior – If I scroll up the CHAT sidebar to review previous messages and replies, and then I highlight some code and select “Add to Chat”, the code is edited in to the message I’ve scrolled to (or perhaps selected with a click?).

Expected Behavior – When I select “Add to Chat”, the code should be added to the bottom-most, unsubmitted prompt field, regardless of where I’ve scrolled to elsewhere in chat. I understand adding code to previous message can be useful in some cases (e.g. editing a previous prompt to continue the conversation from an earlier point), but I think this is a fairly niche case and shouldn’t be the default behavior.

You can use this keybinding aichat.insertselectionintofollowup to do that:


But I’m definitely on your side that this should be the default behavior and the other should be the additional shortcut.