How to check for the updates on Cursor?

As far as I understand, Cursor has no button to check for updates.


It’s auto update, you don’t need to do that

You can always do Command / Ctrl + Shift + P, then “Cursor: Attempt Update.”

Though always looking to improve. Curious if you’d want more here?

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Thanks for the quick responses, everyone! I appreciate the insights on how Cursor handles updates. I did try the Command / Ctrl + Shift + P and then “Cursor: Attempt Update,” but it didn’t seem to do the trick for me.

The reason I brought this up is that I saw some cool new features listed on the Cursor changelog page, and I was eager to try them out. However, my current version wasn’t catching up as quickly as my enthusiasm! :sweat_smile:

I think having a “Check for Update” button, similar to what we have in VSCode, would be a fantastic addition. It would give users like me the ability to pull the latest updates manually, ensuring we’re always on the cutting edge of what Cursor has to offer. :rocket:

Looking forward to seeing how Cursor evolves! Keep up the great work! :clap:


Second vote for a “Check for Update” button. I agree this would be a nice addition.

I’m still on version 10.4 and trying “Cursor: Attempt update” didn’t seem to force the latest update.

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We now have incremental rollouts built-in so that we can slowly release the update. this allows to us to iterate fast and catch BAD bugs before they reach too many people haha.


A “check for update” button might be nice, but, at a minimum using Command / Ctrl + Shift + P and “Cursor: Attempt Update” should be fixed, as currently, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

We do need a reliable way to force client updates. I’m also still stuck on 0.10.4 and nothing I’ve tried so far has triggered an update, which is odd to say the least.

Believe this is because we do incremental rollouts. We’ve noticed some issues with the recent update (e.g. Python problems), so we halted the rollout. Would be nice for us to show this in the UI though to reduce confusion when you try to update.

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Attempt Update should also not try to close all open windows before exiting the editor - this forces any unsaved or untitled buffers to prompt for save or cancel.

Instead it should quit the editor the same way that the standard file > close/exit option does, which correctly preserves opened windows and cached buffers upon relaunch

my current process is literally to make sure I have at least one unsaved file buffer in every open window before I trigger Attempt Update, choose cancel on each separate window’s unsaved changes prompt, and then manually exit the editor from the file menu - it will still attempt to update once the editor exits and still relaunch the editor once the updater is done, but now it restores opened windows and file buffers just like if I’d relaunched the editor for any other reason.