How to confirm the account with subscription

Hello there! I have subscribed to Cursor Pro few months ago, but I have not received a confirmation email, and I have checked all possible accounts, none of which have an active subscription. The usage fee is being deducted from my credit card every month. Can I check which account the subscription is activated on using the card number?

Perhaps, your confirmation email, was in your spam folder, so you never found it. :sob:

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Thank you for your reply!

Since it’s been a few month since I started subscription, the e-mail in the spam folder must be already gone‏😢

Do you have any idea to recover……?

Are you logged in with the correct account in the Cursor app? If so, you should be able to see your email in the Cursor settings at the top (Ctrl + Shift + J).

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Thank you for your reply. Do you mean that I can check the e-mail I got from Cursor several months ago in the Cursor app? I tried Ctrl + Shift + J but I couldn’t find it. I did log in with every account I could come up with but none of them had active subscription, so I might be missing the correct account. Can I check with which account I am paying the subscription fee, from my name or credit card number or something?

according @Jakob advice. I tried, and it worked.
I think you can have a try.
this is my screen shot

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Thank you for trying and telling me. I could check my e-mail address that I can currently log in with, but since it is some months ago that I registered, I can no more check the e-mail in the spam folder which would have enabled the subscription and the confirmation😢 The problem I have is that I’m paying subscription fee even though I cannot use the pro service, and I cannot stop it because the subscription status I can see from my setting page is still inactive.

I think you can contact the Cursor Team to help you deal with your problem. :joy: :sob: