How to import all styles / themes from VSC?

I’ve been using VSC but want to switch to Cursor.

How can I make the theme of Cursor (fonts, font sizes, colors, etc) identical to what I’m used to?

I think Cursor imported my VSC extensions but did not import whatever settings would be necessary for the styles.

VSC on the left, Cursor on the right:

In VSC you can export your profile here:


And import it in Cursor through the command palette (Ctrl + Shift + P):


I appreciate your answer! Unfortunately, all of my colors stayed the same even after exporting my profile from VSC to a file and then importing that file as a profile into Cursor and restarting Cursor.

I found and was then trying to figure out how to import that into Cursor.

I’m not sure.

But it turns out that I don’t need to because Cursor already has it.

I just needed to go to Cursor > Settings > Theme > Color Theme > Default Dark Modern.

Still, as a feature idea, it would be nice if people coming from VSC didn’t need to figure this out.

Maybe the color theme could just get transitioned over, similar to how extensions do.