I was charged twice on the same month

Hi there, I was charged twice(different days) on the same month. Here’s the timeline:

  • April 23 - Couldn’t process payment email was received
  • April 23 - Couldn’t login using my password, so I reset my password and logged in again
  • April 23 - There is no option in manage subscription to retry payment. So I subscribed to pro plan again. Received “Welcome to Pro” email and my card was deducted with the amount
  • April 26 - I got a notification from my bank that I was deducted today from cursor again and received no email confirmation from cursor about the transaction

I hope this gets sorted out right away.

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Have same issue. Payment process failed; resubscribed on 14 April and on 15 April another transaction was made

@admins we need your help with this issue please

Hi! Apologies about this - can you send an email to hi@cursor.sh? will get this resolved asap!

Hi @rishabhy , I’ve sent an email with screenshots of the transactions.

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Perfect thanks, just refunded!

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@rishabhy thank you! I’ll wait for a few days for it to reflect :pray:

Hi, just an update. I have received the refund. Thanks for the help again @rishabhy

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