No one care about user login?

I have login problem. When I clicking forget password to try to receive reset email, it just not appeared. Since I have plan paid check email with this address so I believe it should be the correct email account.
After I email to cursor
No one reply me
Time after time

Why?you guys just receive the money and abandon the customer???

I like cursor and I am so disappointed!

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Hey really sorry to hear this. What is your email/authentication method?

I have the same issue. I have a paid plan but forgot the email I use to subscribe! and the does not seem to be a way to find out. Please help!

You should have gotten a note from us when you subscribed. Can you search for that to figure out which account it is?

Should be titled “Welcome to Pro” or similar. From an email.

I’ve already done many search on all my account and can’t find any communication references. Nonetheless, I was able to find my account by trying all of them.


I have the same issue.
could you please help me?

I have 2 accounts with the same email.
one subscribes pro and the other is free .

I tried to reset my password with paid account, but I couldn’t receive the email.
so , I created free account with the same email address(How Can I do this ?)

Apparently they use auth0 (like OpenAI ChatGPT)

But what I’ve noticed is that they treat email auth and Github account auth differently, even though you’re using the same email address for both auth.

I noticed that yesterday when creating an account with my email address, I forgot I had created it a while ago with the GitHub account way, so they offered me to merge both accounts which I did. And there was no issue for me.

But yeah I’ll say it’s a weird (?) way of using auth0 that is unusual? Could it be confusing for some? I don’t know, I’m not an auth0 expert.

Thanks myriam.
now problem solved.

I signed up with google last time but, this time i was trying to sign in with my email(same address tho).

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