(paid user) super annoying update please help

Please, who thought that adding left and right arrow keys to normal editor mode to accept copitlot++ updates was a good idea? i almost broke my keyboard today because of the annoying interruption of this change, how do i turn it off, this is extremelly disruptive to my workflow and causes high anger on a tool that was already good, why?

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You can disable the Copilot++ partial accepts in settings! Detailed at the bottom of this page!

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omg thanks, this is what was causing headaches! for context i always use cmd + left or right to navigate (not a vim user) and this change was completely breaking movement for me and it got into a weird loop of accepting changes and completely changing code when i didn’t want to, it would be good to map these changes to non common commands, thanks again.

I was getting extremely frustrated with the new update. Second the statement about not messing with default keyboard shortcuts.