Issues version 0.34

Hi all,

few issues on new version 0.34 (I updated also VS Code):

  1. Copilot++ provides 1 suggestion, which is not accessible using TAB
  2. Pressing CTRL + K provides 1 help, and then gets stuck
  3. ENTER doesn’t go to another line in many occasion, it gets stuck and that’s it


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to add:
there seems to be some magic added for pasting into the chat windows. Sometimes it is more convenient - I can paste a prompt with @files that are automatically recognized. however, sometimes it has become less convenient since there seems to be impossible to copy segments of the chat into a new round of input somehow?

More issues: long context chat only has these

while normal chat has these for me after update

(did not toggle select 3.5 / cursor models)
Maybe they should’ve been moved to the Long Context Chat in stead including Flash and 4o-128k?

try turning the google/anthropic/openai key and turning them on again.

Would be possible to revert and download an older version in the meantime?

Did not work for me unfortunately.

For now it does not matter for me, but if it’s not fixed soon it could be a nuisance for many users.

Just made a change on our end, can you check if ctrl k is still stopping after 1 line?

Also can you share a video of the Copilot++ and enter behavior? Having trouble reproducing on my end.

Do you have Github Copilot turned on by any chance?

Sorry about that. This will be fixed in the next build (which will be sometime today)

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@ssmits thanks for the long context chat report. Do the models fix themselves if you close and reopen Cursor?

All models activated after updating to 0.34.0:
Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 23.59.28

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 00.00.00

Also one will think that the Interpreter Mode can be used by all these models:
Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 00.00.09

No, I don’t have it.

Looks like it defaulted to sending as all GPT models even with them still showing as disabled in settings. Was wondering how my balance drained so fast :upside_down_face:

I’m still experiencing this fyi, even with the prompt showing gpt-4o requests are going out as gpt-4. fixed after a restart

Hi all, still in the new version there are no Copilot++ reccomendation and ENTER doesn’t work, it works partially with CTRL + ENTER