Questions about codebase

How many time takes codebase to be indexed?
I tried to show where I’m calling to chargebee api, the codebase shows as indexed, I saw the folder /app listed when chat is reading codebase, but I’m getting this answer
“Based on the provided code snippets, the term “chargebee” is not mentioned in any of the files. You may need to search the entire codebase or check other files not included in the provided snippets.”

  1. why is requesting to search into the entire codebase while I say to use the Codebase?

2)is possible to index remote ssh files? at least on demand, don’t need to monitor real time changes

In the AI Sidebar, under “More” you can find the progress of the codebase indexing. Make sure your project is fully indexed before asking codebase questions. Since your opened project appears to be large, the indexing process might take longer than usual. If your project is fully indexed, and you still don’t get your desired answer, consider clicking “Resync Index”.

Regarding your question 1:
The reason for this is that the AI model doesn’t actually receive the entire raw codebase but rather the most relevant code snippets for your query. You can click on “Final codebase context” in the chat to review the snippets it has received.

Regarding your question 2:
Currently, codebase indexing only supports indexing your local project folder. However, if appropriate, you can attempt to index remote content by utilizing the “@Docs” feature.