Same request to API repeated in background 88 times causing high costs

Hi there,

using cursor with OpenRouter API key, today I was quite shocked when checking my activity log for cursor in the OR dashboard.

One and the same request was repeated 88 times within approx 6 minutes. Cost for 1 request 0.0829 $. I’m glad that it wasn’t a bigger request. But still this cost me 7.29 $. Not happy at all about that.

Of course I didn’t manually trigger that many requests. Now need to find out what the reason could be. Don’t really have an idea. Just a gut feel that it could be due to me using Ctrl+Alt+B for closing the second sidebar. But this might be totally unrelated.
I got annoyed by not having the close icon readily available in the chat sidebar top right. Since the last update this is hidden behind ‘…’. Which is not good UX IMO because it requires 2 clicks to close that thing.

Anyways, is there a way to see a history of requests in cursor?

Here’s my activity log from OR:

I would really appreciate if the cursor team could reassure that this won’t happen in the future.

If I can help with logs please let me know.

Cursor version 0.34.5

Can you send an email to Will figure out where these requests came from!