Server Outage Issues

We are dealing with some issues with our infra, so our server will be down for another 5-10 minutes

Any updates on the timeline here? It seems like the server is still down.

Server is still down for me. Time to take a walk

im using my own API though…

Fair enough. Please update us when it’s fixed.

Ahh, good luck on a fix then guys :saluting_face: just noticed any, but having some issues connecting here currently.

How many more hours until the 5-10 minute downtime is over :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Funny how you really realize how much you’ve been benefitting from a tool when you can’t use it…


cursor being down means I have to copy and paste things 100x more :man_shrugging:

Open up vanilla Chatgpt like it’s 2023 aga-… I mean… uhm, 6 months ago, roughly. :stuck_out_tongue: (but yes, same hah)

Looks like we’re back!

Yes we are, copy and paste devs unite!

Think things are stable on Chat/Cmd-k!

Do people see issues on their end still?

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For some reason, my IntelliSense doesn’t seem to be working. Mousing over any of my methods in Python doesn’t give me the doc string - also autocomplete isn’t working.

Hmm does this persist on restart? Could you take a screenshot of the extensions you have installed?

Guessing this has nothing to do with the server outage, but certainly want to get to the bottom of this.

Certainly, I even restarted my computer. It was working before the outage.


VS Code

I’m new to Cursor as of 15 minutes ago. Chat is working, however, under the ‘More’ tab of chat window ‘Codebase Indexing’ is outputting error: Handshake failed.

Is this due to the server outages or is there something incorrect with my installation / account?

indexing is down from the server outage, not from your installation - working to get this fixed

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:smiling_face_with_tear: Might need to stop recommending friends from trying this out, too much competition in queue