Unable to purchase pro

Hi, I was previously subscribed to pro but my subscription expired. Now, I am trying to re-subscribe, but every time I am redirected to the page “https://cursor.sh/api/auth/checkoutDeepControl” I am receiving “500 Internal Server Error”.

Would appreciate any help.

Is it still erroring for you? Nothing seems off on our end.

Is this when you log in or when you go through the upgrade flow and pay?

I’m logged in and on the “Pricing” page, when I click “Get Started” underneath Pro, that’s when I am redirected and get the 500 Internal Server Error.

Alternatively, if I go to my account settings and click “Upgrade to Pro”, then simply nothing at all happens whenever I click the button.

One thing to note is that my account is logged in with GitHub. I tried signing out and signing in with a different account via Google, and then I was able to get to the checkout page. So, it seems there’s something wrong with my account. However, this is the same account that I’ve used before.

I am experiencing the same. Yesterday I’ve got that message that said I’ve exhausted the gpt-4 requests. When I checked I came to know that my account was not active in the editor. When I logged in on the browser, I saw that Basic plan was active. But, I was subscribed to Pro plan. Anyway, I attempted to purchase the pro plan again. I got the same error that mentioned in this thread.

Clicking on Upgrade to Pro does nothing. My email is: tamil@helptap.com

same issue @arvid220u i’m getting 500 internal server error as well! i signed in through github

Apologies about this. Could you try again? Pushed a change.

@ash @tamilvendhank @psyfl Let me know if you run into any issues. Will certainly want to fix if so.