Use ONLY Usage-Based features with my own API

Due to a API provided by my company, I don’t want to turn on Usage-Based settings. I hope to use my API for some features that require additional bills from Pro users, while using normal features are provided by the Pro. I know that Usage-Based prices are very cheap now, but I don’t want to increase my expenditures. Is there any way to do that?

For example, the gpt-4 provided by Cursor only has a context of around 20k, but I would like to use the API version with a context of 128k in long-context mode. So that I don’t need to frequently turn the switch on and off from cursor settings.

Additionally, I would like to know if Cursor can provide integration with Vertex AI (Gemini from Google Cloud) and allow us for setting up multiple Azure Deployments (so that I can switch between multiple versions of Azure OpenAI models, like gpt-4o and gpt-4-turbo)?

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try up thread.