Way to donate to Cursor?


New user here! Just wanted to drop some kind words here. I started using Cursor two days ago after hearing about it from a friend, and WOW. It’s already having me completely rethink my coding style and what I should be spending time thinking about vs. what I should just let AI implement.

I feel like what makes it so useful is:

  1. Contextual Understanding: Having any relevant context get inserted into whatever prompting magic is happening behind the scenes, so that the LLM can understand not just the current code, but also necessary dependencies.
  2. Matching Coding-style: An added benefit of automatic context inclusive, I love that the AI output automatically matches my coding style, so I don’t have to do as much post-processing or editing.
  3. Iterative Development: The fact that you can highlight blocks of code (including code that was just generated) and add new notes for modifications makes it wayyy quicker to get the code to where you want it to be.
  4. Convenience: Having ChatGPT right there at your fingertips just makes it so much better in terms of workflow. You don’t need to think “I could use AI for this”. It’s just there.

I tried Github Copilot for a while and honestly ended up not using it much. I also found copy and pasting all relevant context into ChatGPT cumbersome, and sometimes not worth the effort.

The fact that Cursor has decrease the distance from determining relevant context → generating code drafts → refining those drafts into usable production code make the UX sooooo much better. I really feel like this is a game-changer!

Question: Is there a way to donate to Cursor, or to sign up for a monthly membership, but still use my own OpenAI key? I want to use my own OpenAI key primarily out of curiosity… because I want to get a sense of how much prompting is actually happening. But I also want to sign up for a monthly membership just to support Cursor and help add +1 to your paying user base numbers, because this shit is fire.


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You can sign up to a pro or business account and use your own API key.

Hi @smallbusinesshelper,

Glad you liked Cursor!!!

You can sign up for a Pro membership but still turn on OpenAI API Keys under Cursor SettingsModels. There will be a popup informing you that using your own keys = using Cursor at cost, and you can ignore it :))

Let me know if you have any questions using Cursor!