What do Model names for Copilot++ (Auto, Main, Fast) actually mean?

I can’t see any explanation of those categories anywhere.

I have “Unlimited Copilot++ completions” so why would I choose anything but Fast ?


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thanks for making a respnse Jakob,

but that still doesn’t really explain the difference between Main and Fast.

Is Main better but slower?

If the results are the same but at differents speeds, why is there even a choice?

this has now been changed to

Auto, Legacy and Fast

what do those options actually do?

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Auto, now points to Fast! that is our main model. Legacy is still there but we would love to know why you use it.

I’m not saying I do use Legacy. It was harder to choose between Main and Fast because Main sounded better than Fast (i.e. Cheap, Fast, Good Choose 2) but now Legacy sounds like “Not this one, unless you have reasons”.

It’s just I could not find any documentation describing what the options mean.

The word “Auto” suggests the IDE would make the selection based on some contextual criteria. And because there is a selection box right there in the UI it seems there is some reason to make the choice as I work.