An IDE that teaches how to code (Python)

I am choosing Python since it is an easier language to learn than say C or C++ or other statically typed imperative languages.

I see: GitHub - getcursor/old: A Codemirror-based editor with *most* modern need-to-haves (e.g. LSP, Copilot, Vim, Remote SSH) and

Please feel free to give me any suggestions.

I want something that is like half a step prior to what code gen with cursor does or GitHub Copilot, ie. giving the learner some prompts to start writing say on the principle of coding by wishful thinking or how I have seen demos of how Cursor can code gen from comments, ie. I’d want it to show the hints bit by bit, maybe starting with a signature, then going through parameters, return value/type, etc.

I might want to teach types early using Python libraries to do so, so it’s not strictly necessary for the program to run but just to get learners thinking about them.