Control/Command + C Problem

I’m using cursor on mac.
when i want to copy some part of the code and i using command + c
it says “waiting for second key” and then it ends up with command+c not working.
and i have to like select the code with mouse and right click and then press copy.
CleanShot 2023-08-29 at 14.07.19

What version of Cursor are you on? Is this on nightly?

It appears that one of your keybindings has Cmd+C as the first part of a keychord. In Cursor nightly, you can change that keybinding by changing workbench.action.keychord.leader. In Cursor stable, there is not yet any simple way to change this other than to change every single keychord, but we are pushing an update soon.

What happens if you go to the keyboard shortcuts settings pane and search for “cmd+c”?

You’re right. thank you! i did set up this cmd+ C + L so i can close the side bar (chat) and looks like that was causing the error. fixed it by removing it… and also found a new shortcut “Option+command+B” that will open and close the AI chat…