Copilot+ unable to perform tasks

I don’t know if this is a specific bug because it’s more like my system bug, but here it is. When i’m using copilot and i ask it to do autocompletions it always starts with import ide, which comes back with an error saying there’s no ide. I did update pip recently so i searched for an ide package but can’t find it. My pip version is 24.1.1 (python 3.11.7). If there is a python version genius out there who can reunite me with my copilot i would be most grateful.

Could you send a screenshot of one of these suggestions?

@truell20 I will put the details of the problems in the output console in the next post because i can only send one link at a time.

“resource”: “/Users/alimac/.cursor/interpreter-notebooks/2024-06-12T17_21_46.183Z-cfde6de2-32ac-45ac-afc4-8e853618792e.ipynb”,
“owner”: “generated_diagnostic_collection_name#1”,
“code”: {
“value”: “reportMissingImports”,
“target”: {
“$mid”: 1,
“path”: “/microsoft/pyright/blob/main/docs/”,
“scheme”: “https”,
“authority”: “”,
“fragment”: “reportMissingImports”
“severity”: 4,
“message”: “Import "ide" could not be resolved”,
“source”: “Pylance”,
“startLineNumber”: 1,
“startColumn”: 8,
“endLineNumber”: 1,
“endColumn”: 11