Cursor Helper (Plugin) is killing my M1 CPU

First of all, I think Cursor is really great. I ran extensive comparison tests between Copilot Chat and Cursor and turned out Cursor is waaaaaay better.

Now my problem with Cursor is the one you can see in the screenshot. For some reason, My M1 Macbook Pro starts heating and I have these insane % CPU values. Is there a way I can get rid of that ?


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I’m experiencing the same, any news? I just reached out to them at

Have you try reinstalling? I had some issue with cursor that got fixed after a reinstall.

I tried it, never worked out. Have to turn off copilot++ completely everytime.
But even with copilot being turned off it sometimes gets high for no reason at all anyway.

do you guys have really long AI chats open?
was running into pretty bad resource issues with crashing and starting a new chat brought it back to normal

It might be really long chats. we will try to make this much more efficient. if you give us a profile, that would really help.

I don’t have any chats open when this happens. It just happens.

what do you mean by giving you a profile exactly?

This is what is happening to me. No chats are opened.

The interesting thing I see are suggestions coming from copilot++

Sometimes they are black and white, as old github’s copilot.
Sometimes they are colored with the applied color scheme from my configuration.

I’m running in the same Problem since days on my m3. I only need to start a chat and wait till there is an answer that is a little bit longer. The curser helper process is jumping to maximum CPU use. After this, I basically can not work anymore with cursor because all is lacking like hell. Need to restart extension till I write the next prompt and over again. Besides that I have crashes with chrome regularly which are not happen with the viscose insiders. So for me cursor it is not usable at all anymore and I need to cancel my subscription. Which I actually only have to support you guys. Because cursor is an absolutely nice project, if it would not have these problems.

If you need some logs or anything else, give me please an info where to send or what to do. Hope you will find the bug.

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I think I nailed it down.

The Extension Import Cost is messing up and running in combination with cursor into a loop that is basically blocking all other processes. This extension is utter bullshit because it uses normally already way too much resources, but it’s not crashing the extension runner in original VS Code. Here in cursor the chat seems to use something that is kicking that loop over the top and grilling your CPU. So not really a problem of cursor.

So this is the shit extension that needs to be removed

This here is the alternative that is working and doing the same without crashing everything else.

Cursor was reaching out to me directly this night with the offer to debug. Thanks for the great support. I can reactivate my subscription and I’m happy to use cursor again)

I will update this here if something changes. But I tested it plenty of times and always after activating the import cost plugin, cursor went nuts.