Do you have a support for paid users?

Nobody answers questions here, no personal responsibility on forum. But do you, Cursor Team, have a support for users that pay you money? If yes - please post a link, email, phone, anything



Bought a yearly subscription.

Check out this thread: Codebase Indexing Issue - #14 by darink

Unresolved issue that prevents me from using most important app functionality, no support. 6 months.

So, should ‘anysphere’ change to ‘anysupport’?

hi folks, we are going to prioritize much faster support soon. i think there is some sentiment that we havent been working on new features, and that is pretty far from true. Part of the reason we are a bit slow on support is that we are small team that is really focused on trying to make the product a lot better.

hopefully soon, we will have some interesting releases that you all will really like.


@sasha @zerk1 if you have specific complaints, please let us know. we will try to prioritize and work on them!


yes please, help me with this: Cmd+L to chat, no shortcut to generarte