GPT seems inconsistent with referencing (or not referencing) my code/codebase. Am I doing something wrong?

  • I do have my codebase indexed
  • I do use ctrl + enter to reference codebase in chat
  • I do @file.php to point it in a specific direction + have the file open and selected.
  • I do play with the advanced settings (although my understanding is admittedly limited)

My issues are that the ‘perceived’ inconsistency occurs in multiple ways buy can mostly be boiled down to:

A. Chat refuses to look at an open file and tells me “Sorry, I’m just a language model, can’t help you friend!”

B. The preview of codebase files being searched fall short of any relevant files, and chat is unable to help. Leading me to think that everything is indexed/synced wrong (despite re-indexing, re-syncs etc.)

Example: I ask something like “look through all of my theme files to show me any code that is customizing the woocommerce checkout process beyond what the plugin does by default”

The indexed files that appear to be searched will all some plugins/woocommerce/generic-plugin-file, or other minor inconsequential files.
Even if I know that the majority of the code I need is in my functions.php file and has quite a few references to “WooCommerce Checkout”
(Yes I COULD have @functions.php but I am gauging how effective the requests are at finding indexed content)

And then of course about 1/3rd of the time it works flawlessly and gets me exactly what I need. I find codebase searches work a little better when I just start a new chat and run the search in my first query.

Some minor context: my “codebase” is my wordpress website files. there are a lot of them. Somewhere around 70k. plugins, themes, .php, .js - the works.

So what am I doing wrong?
Is this mostly user error and a lack of comprehension on my part about how it works/is supposed to work? (I am relatively new to this, and even getting everything set up was overcoming a big learning curve)
Is the platform just buggy from being in its infancy?
Do only the file titles get indexed and searched but the content remains “hidden” unless specifically pointed at?

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Try increasing the “Number of results per search” and enabling the “Reasoning step”. Does this improve the results?

The content of the files gets indexed too.



Thank you for responding! I have changed the number of results per search prior to this. I will see if ‘reasoning step’ makes a difference and report back here if I notice a change.

Changing ‘reasoning step’ from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ Seems to have made a world of difference in thoroughness and quality of response (relative to what I was trying to prompt). Thank you very much!
(Its always the small things)