Pro account at $20 /month : can I provide my API Key to avoid "Slow GPT4-Use"?

For the Pro account at $20/month :

I am confused about the “Unlimited Slow GPT4-Use”

Is it equivalent or slower to the speed of the regular OpenAI key calls or are they slower ?

Because if they are slower I would be glad to provide my API key to continue use it at normal speed

It seems that yes according to other posts I saw in the forum

Yes but be aware, you won’t be able to use every feature such as Copilot++ as some are cursor custom.

Can I be both subscribed and use my OpenAI key ?

I want to have Copilot ++ but not be limited with slow GPT-4

You can but you can only use once at a time and can’t combine the features

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Whaaaat :frowning_face: :sob: