Throttling of own api on maxed out subscription?

After realizing the value add in a subscription it did not take long to hit the monthly limit. Now switching back to using an an api key as i always have, the throttled rates of my subscription remain.

anyone else experience this?

What exactly do you mean by throttled rates? Do you mean the speed of GPT-4? The public OpenAI API speed for GPT-4 is slower than Cursor’s fast GPT-4 uses.

api key is paid, as is cursor mid tier.

api key is $30 into a $600 monthly limit. When logged into cursor under the account that has reached monthly limits and attempting to instead use the api key the access to gpt4 is denied

this however does not happen when using a different cursor account that of which has not met monthly limits

Hmm, the Pro plan of Cursor should never deny your GPT-4 requests. It has unlimited slow GPT-4 uses. Or are you referring to the Basic Free plan?

is a pro account, granted i was really giving it quite a heavy task load maxing out main monthly limits in maybe no more than 2 days. Perhaps a fallback?

i just found it curious that my api key then followed suite but switching accounts allowed the use of the api key without any issue. Possibly a fallback making the most sense here.