Pro user, Settings wont accept my API key

I am currently a pro user, wondering whats the more cost effective method for utilizing gpt4 the most. I have been prompted twice to upgrade, so I did, finally decided to enter my OpenAI key, and settings says it cant be accepted??? valid key, just generated. Am I not allowed to use one because I am signed up for pro?
Which is the more cost effective way to get the most out of cursor? I dont want to keep having to “Upgrade” , But also, Im not really sure how much usage I would spend with the Key. any tips?

If you upgrade to pro, we pay for your OpenAI usage. There’s no need to use your API key if you’re pro.

Are you getting an upgrade message even though you’re already pro? If that’s the case, then we may have a bug, and we’ll want to fix it.

a upgrade message to upgrade for more usage of gpt4

How many times have you used GPT-4 this month? Have you hit your limit?

Also could you show the message where it says the key can’t be accepted?

it says that limit has exceeded yes, I have already “Upgraded” once with you guys because of limit hit. I am actively using mon-fri business hours.

The reason I am asking is because if I have to keep “Upgrading” i am going to be paying over 100$ a month for something I can do for free on GPT4. I am already at over 60$ a month per last upgrade it said.

Ah, we only take OpenAI API keys. We can’t use a ChatGPT key which might be the cause of the confusion?

Where did you generate your API key from? Could you send a link or the screenshot of the page?

Does the curl command that we tell you to run work for you? Also please delete your key on OpenAI’s site; I think you leaked it in that screenshot.

That’s the problem. Curl command doesn’t do anything. Will delete image

Could you send a screenshot of the output of the curl command?

it gives me that when curl is submitted

but i am pasting my API key in, it doesnt make any sense