Unable to Get Cursor pro in Russia

Hi everyone I’m from Russia (no politics, please). I’m really excited about your product and I want to use it in my projects. But I am facing a problem to buy Cursor pro annual plan due to sanctions. It is very annoying. Is there any way to get a subscription for me?

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Greetings from Finland.

Even at the risk of getting banned I have to let some steam out. I am not judging you as a person and never will based on the nationality but I have to say that Putin and Russia’s military and supporters of those both sucks.

If there are sanctions in place, I suspect that anyone is willing to circumvent those just because those are annoying. There are reasons why sanctions are in place.


You’ve made your point. I appreciate it. But it doesn’t answer my question.

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Some online services should allow you to make a Stripe payment with a Western card - they tend not to be very trustworthy, but I’m sure these exist. After that, it’d be a matter of using a VPN to bypass any region-blocking for Russia*.

I should note that OpenAI (and their underlying provider, CloudFlare) is generally very good at blocking VPN IPs, so you may need to opt for a more expensive VPN subscription providing you with a personal/exclusive IP.

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So western lifestyle and technology aren’t so bad after all lmao #hypocrites

Go learn Chinese you’re gonna need it from now on :smile: