Removed from cursor pro

hi, i resubscribed to cursor pro on april 15, and everything worked fine for a couple of days. then, on April 22, I lost access to my pro subscription. when I logged into the website, I no longer saw my subscription and was limited to the 50 slow requests. i got no notifications as to why this happened, and I’ve reached out to the support email and on the forum, but no one has responded.

i would really appreciate some help getting this resolved

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I’m facing the same issue, I’ve send tweets to all of the devs and still haven’t been able to get a response. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. It’s sucks to pay for a month’s access to a product and only be able to use it for a few days with no explanation.

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yeah, it sucks because they say you should reach out here for faster responses, but I’ve been posting and DMing people all week and its just radio silence.

Hey - sorry about the radio silence! Do you mind sending one more email to with your account email? will get this resolved asap!

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hey - sorry, i just logged back in and saw this. I just sent an email to I included a link to this thread as well as payment confirmation.

same issue here. Just discovered my Pro features were deactivated for unknown reason. I paid for it less than 2 weeks ago.

If there are any member here, please review my case. I just sent an email to

Just replied over email!

My pro subscription was removed yet again.

Last time I wrote, you indeed resolved it fast. Please resolve the issue as soon as you can. Deadline is approaching, work is being slow… :frowning:

hi, if you give us your email, will fix it asap.

hi again.

yes please, fix it as soon as you can. my email:

I was waiting for reply in the mail I sent you as well to